I’ve been a bit ranty about the ‘clean eating’ thing recently because it bothers me a LOT. Dieting isn’t good for anyone. Especially not someone with a history of an eating disorder. It is generally accepted that any form of dietary restriction increases the risk of developing an eating disorder in vulnerable individuals, and once recovered, strict […]

In recent times, it seems that what we eat has gradually become synonymous with morality. The Hemsley sisters and Deliciously Ella cheerfully sell us the idea that if we cut out this or that, we too can be glowing, smooth skinned and full of peace. To ‘eat clean’ has become synonymous with self care, in spite of the heavy marketing (which should make anyone sceptical) and lack of science.

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I’ve been struck recently by the proliferation of #eatclean and associated hashtags on social media. And I admit, it angers me. The clean eating’, ‘fitspo’ and other extreme ‘health’ or diet trends seem as distorted to me as full blown anorexia or bulimia. It might do a good job of masquerading as health, but really, if you can’t sit down and eat with friends and family, I question how ‘healthy’ your lifestyle really is. Continue reading