I increasingly find myself wanting to make sense of how I was able to (mostly) function as well I did, even when actually very caught up in anorexia. And why both my sister and I, in our own individual ways, seem to have found ways to build on some of our natural strengths, to connect […]

Anorexia chooses you. You don’t choose it. And today I am sad today because of the people I know, it seems to choose the lovely, careful, kind, particular people and it makes them believe that they need to be fixed. It chooses people who are already trying desperately to ‘do the right thing’, to do […]

As the Power-Threat-Meaning framework is launched today it seemed fitting to repost a version of something I wrote a year or so ago when I first heard about it. For a good while now, I’ve viewed my ‘stuff’ through a ‘social/trauma’ lens, very aware of the impact of power, difficult relational experiences and what could be […]

Your definition of recovery can change as you move through the process. Mine definitely has. I said recently to someone that I think my initial definition of ‘recovered’ was quite ‘anorexic’ in that I thought I’d eat differently (more food, more variety, higher calorie foods) until I reached a healthy weight range and then go back […]

There has been growing debate about the usefulness of mental health professionals sharing their own lived experience of psychological distress. As a social worker with my own mental health label, this naturally interests me. I have written about the difficulty of being on ‘both sides of the desk‘, and the tension between my professional role, […]

Soooo meal with my therapist today. Wrong wrong wrong on so many different levels. Hot food before the evening, yoghurt before the evening, processed food, not enough veg, unknown calories, too much fat, prepared by someone I don’t know and can’t see whether they washed their hands or if they touched the food. My knife […]