About me

I’m Emma. I like nature, travel, crochet and the very occasional jog in the park. I mainly write about mental health, eating disorders and the process we call ‘recovery’.

I mainly write to clarify my own feelings. I am not always great at ‘openness’, so I also write to create the opportunity for the odd chat or two with those close to me.

My other hope is that by sharing I can in some way contribute to the dialogue around mental health and distress, and increase awareness of some of the wider social issues tied up with this.

All views [obviously] my own.

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  1. Just a question about something that’s been puzzling me – why ‘Little’ Em?


  2. Thanks for the answer. I guess it seems a slightly odd self descriptor for someone who actively tries to embrace a recovered mindset. I think I’ve heard you challenge the ‘little/tiny’ comments that people with EDs often (in a misguided attempt to reassure) give each other, so your own online name gave me pause for thought. It may of course be very apt given your enduring low weight and struggles, but I slightly question how healthy it is to use in conjunction with an otherwsise insightful recovery blog and your professional ethos/outlook given that people won’t be aware of its provenance. Anyway it’s up to you to use the name you feel comfortable with so that’s my tuppence worth said and done ; )) hope you had a peaceful Christmas.


  3. Hi Em, thanks for all your hard work blogging and sharing. It is both useful and inspiring. Dave

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