As anyone who follows me on Twitter will be all too aware, I’ve recently been banging on about the aspects of mental health care that are working well, and asking people to share their experiences. Maybe the people I follow on social media just grumble a lot, maybe we only hear stories of fault and failing in the press, but whatever the reason, we need to correct the balance. Good things do happen, every day, we just don’t hear about it. And when we do, it’s all too often through an avenue that makes us sceptical.

To begin, I’ve gathered together a few comments I received yesterday. This reflects one day, a couple of Twitter requests. They aren’t dramatic but they reflect the difference services (both statutory and voluntary) make and the commitment and care of staff who often work with extremely limited resources and are individuals, like anyone, with their own lives and ‘stuff’ going on too.

I am three years into a therapy which is slowly but surely changing my life . I no longer overdose and very rarely self harm I am beginning to understand and slowly try out having friendships which although is tremendously difficult as I don’t trust anyone I’m beginning to see the light. From an angry person to one that feels more compassion and self compassion . This I could not have done without this precious therapy .. I feel privileged to work through relationships attachments with a wonderful person … A relationship.” Sue Sibbald (@bpdffs)

“My positive mental health service experience. This takes place in the States. I had a therapist tell me they couldn’t help me with my pure OCD and there wasn’t anyone in the area who she could refer me to. Less than 24 hours later, I have an appointment with a therapist who specialises in OCD and is excited to start working with me on a treatment plan!” Allison (@alliemy7583)

“I had very patchy treatment for my mental illness. However, I would say that two of the psychotherapists I had were fantastic as they were the ones who recognised that I had been struggling with ASD all my life which was a factor in my ED and anxiety, they didn’t blame me or my family like other therapists. I felt listened to and safe. I would also like to say that the staff at Little Woodhouse in Leeds were incredible. They made me feel comfortable even though being IP for anorexia was absolutely terrifying aged 11! I loved the trips out and the confidence the staff gave me!” Hannah.

I’ll keep posting positive experiences of services for as long as people send them to me. If you have your own story, I’d love to hear from you. Comment below or get in touch via Twitter @Little_Em_

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  1. Hi Emma, I was wondering whether I could share some of my experiences with GPs/primary care? I’ve had some very positive experiences. Thanks to you and all other contributors for all the work being put into this.


    • Hi Helen, yes of course it would be great if you would like to contribute something. Are you on Twitter? If so, you could DM me your story. Otherwise let me know and I’ll send you my email address 🙂


  2. Hi Emma, unfortunately not on Twitter, but I’m happy to email my contribution 🙂



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