July 28, 2016

Tell me your story

If you have had a POSITIVE experience of mental health services, I really want to hear from you. It might be that you were seen quickly for assessment and were offered therapy soon after this rather than being stuck on a waiting list, maybe you’ve had input from a service over a number of years and the quality of this has fluctuated – what were the good bits? Maybe you’ve been working with a particular care-coordinator, social worker, OT or psychologist who has helped you to move forwards. Perhaps you’ve received care from a service who go ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty and you recognise this and want to highlight it. Perhaps your GP, or a voluntary sector organisation have made a difference to you.

So much of what we hear in the media is of people being (or feeling) let down, frustration at lack of resources, increased suicide rates or people struggling for longer without support. I don’t deny that problems exist, and these are often linked to wider political, funding and service issues. On an individual and local level there are many who have received timely and effective support which has been enriching, life changing or life saving. Voluntary services are filling gaps left by reduced funding and making a huge difference, often working in partnership with community mental health services.

Of course positive experiences don’t make for a good media headline, so we rarely hear about them. I want to create some space for some of these often hidden stories on my blog as a way to create some hope and to highlight the good work that is being done.

If you’d like to contribute, I would love to hear from you. It doesn’t have to be long, you can contribute anonymously and however you want to share is fine – write a paragraph, a poem, or draw something. Please get in touch via this blog, or contact me on Twitter – @Little_Em_

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